Troll Hunter's Apprentice

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Release Date: September 3, 2019

A determined son of a woodsman leaves his village to hunt down the deadly trolls threatening to harm his family. 

In the land of Jotunheim, no one ever survives outside the village gates after dark. Except for thirteen-year-old Dagmar Thorton who, with the help of an old knight and a strange girl named Leona, survives the night to tell about it. Dag is banished, accused of the old knight’s death. With no other place to go, his mother sends him in search of the troll hunter.

Not one to easily give up, Dag convinces the troll hunter to train him. When he discovers a giant troll threatens to destroy the village, he struggles to put aside old doubts and fears to save his family. But the task might be too big for a woodmen’s son alone, even with help from the troll hunter and Leona, the daylight hours are running short.  

Shards of the Moon

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Release Date: June 11, 2019

Tara Quin Koegh has lost her sheep. With the days leading to the night of the Blood Wolf Moon, she finds herself running from a pack of moon fae wolf shifters known as the Cu Sith. They’ll do anything to get a hold of the precious moonstone around her neck. 

When she makes a deal with a prowlie in the highlands, she never expects him to turn out to be one of the ancient gods. 

Released of his bind as a wolf, Kalix, the Prince of the Moon must protect the stone and the sweet young shepherdess. Failing to protect the stone centuries ago, Kalix can’t allow the power to become lost again. He makes a deal with Tara but getting her to hand over the stone will take more than slaying a few cursed fae. 

With the Cu Sith hot on their heels, Tara’s determined to keep her flock and her lands from being taken by her greedy neighbor. But the Cu Sith become the least of her problems when Vela, the Goddess of the Stars tries to steal the stone. Time, himself, will have to intervene, but in doing so, Kalix will forever lose his ability to stand before her as a man instead of a wolf. 

Tara’s got a soft spot for the Moon Prince, she’ll do anything to protect her flock and the man vowing never to leave her side, even if it means stepping in to fulfill her role in a destiny she never could have imagined 

Joy In Love

Daughters of Cupid

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Damen De Santis is about to lose the love of his life, no thanks to Cupid’s poisoned arrow.

Determined to get the woman he loves back, Damen kidnaps Joy, one of Cupid’s daughters, and holds her hostage in exchange for the one he lost.

Joy should have known better than to run off to Venice for the celebration of masks without her sisters to protect her. De Santis is clearly demented, thinking Joy is some kind of love goddess who can fix all his problems. Forced to play along with his scheme to use her to get his lady love back, Joy finds it difficult not to lose her own heart to a descendant of Chaos.

It will take more than the truth to set Joy free of Damen’s plans. She’ll have to embrace her new powers to persuade Damen to fall in love again. But will she use it to free him from heartbreak or seal the deal on revenge toward Cupid?