Shards of the Moon

YA Historical Fantasy

Kalix will do anything to get his hands on the precious moonstone around Tara's neck.

With a pack of cursed wolf shifters on her heels, can Tara trust the mysterious stranger?

In the highlands, one does not make a deal with prowlies, but Kalix claims he's a prince.

The deal is simple – her name and a promise, but is the Scottish lass too smart for the tricks of a fae wolf shifter?

He's got until the blood moon to return the stone and restore his kingdom or he'll change back into a wolf forever. Breaking her promise could break their deal, and breaking their deal could cost her more than a precious stone.

How will Tara choose between the fate of a prince or saving her own life?

A must read for fans of fae princes, Scottish legends, and werewolves A thrilling twist awaits you.